Fitness Aims (Running)


For Parkour aerobic fitness and endurance is very important and in my training I have often neglected this area of development. After doing a few slow 3 mile runs I decided to test my pace by doing a 2 mile military fitness test, the results can be seen above. I was running at roughly 7 minutes a mile. Although this is quite good for someone with no running background my goals are going to be as follows;

  • Reduce my average to 6 minutes a mile
  • Be able to run for 3 miles at this pace
  • Be able to complete a  6 mile run at any pace

I am not going to set a strict time scale for these targets as I am returning to university on Monday, however I am going to give myself till Christmas to achieve at least some of these goals.

I will post another of these around the same time next month to track my progress.





My Second Parkour Video (22/04/2014)

After my first video I very quickly made this video to experiment filming other people not just myself. In truth this video was a bit rushed and I personally think it shows quite obviously. This is being uploaded however as it is another benchmark of my skills albeit in editing not parkour. I believe that the next video I put up on this blog will be significantly better however I still hope you gain some enjoyment from this even with its flaws.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my first attempt at a blog on WordPress. My name is Chris and I am a twenty one year old undergraduate studying nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University. It is at university that I discovered the wonderful discipline of parkour and that is what this blog will be all about.

The idea behind this blog is to have a record of my progress and to have a place where people can see how and what I’m doing to progress in my discipline. I’m hoping to updated regularly with training plans, and updates on my progress and achievements.  as well as this I hope to upload several videos and photos of my exploits with the parkour group in Sheffield.

I hope that you enjoy this blog and i would welcome any suggestions for improvements to my blog and my training methods.